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Christopher Bradley

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Kitchen timer [May. 25th, 2010|04:47 pm]
Christopher Bradley
[Tags|, ]

Kitchen timers are curious expensive. But since I needed a stop-watch, well, I got one of those, instead, and am using it as a kitchen time (as well as a stop watch, to be fair, so I can more precisely time workouts) and . . . a twenty-five dollar stop watch is about the same cost as a fairly cheap kitchen time, except it does more and is water resistant down to 100 feet. The stop watch is also of higher general quality, unsurprisingly. The last electronic kitchen timer I got broke down within about a month because it was so flimsy. The stop watch? I could hit it with a hammer and it'd keep going.

Most kitchen gadgets are over-priced! Lesson, here. If you can get something from anywhere other than a kitchen supplies store, do that. It'll be much cheaper and usually quite a bit better.